How to claim

Plus Insurance allows you to claim insurance benefits in your convenient way such as KakaoTalk, e-mail, websit, etc
You can check your claim status after through the homepage or 24/7 customer center.

01. Claim documents

Category Required Documents
Common Claim form
※ Must input corrent contact number and e-mail address
※ Please contact Plus Insurance customer center or school staff to confirm claim form type
Hyundai : Sejong, Kookmin or others
Meritz : Dongkuk or others
Hanwha : Hanhwa: Outbound exchange student
Hanhwa Meritz Hyundai
Copy of alien registration card or Passport
Copy of bank account
Inpatient Hospitalization and discharge confirmationExample
Medical reportExample
Detailed invoiceExample
Outpatient Medical reportExample
Surgery Confirmation form of operation (including OP code)Example
Prescription Invoice & prescription
(Prescription may not be necessary if invoice includes medication information)
※ Medical treatment deductible including inpatient, outpatient, surgical operation: 10,000 KRW ~ 30% of total medical cost
※ Deductible on Medication: KRW 8,000 / day
※ Additional documents might be necessary as per underwriting result.

02. Claim procedure

  • Claim : Insurance claim
  • E-mail :
  • Kakao : 24시간 유학생보험
  • Wechat : plusinsu

03. 24/7 customer center.

  • 24/7 phone consult: 02-360-2560
  • 24/7 1:1 chatting available via Kakao or Wechat